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Safer money solutions are available for your retirement.  If you are looking for a safe alternative for your 401k rollover or simply want a safe retirement place for your money that is not affected by index volatility, you have come to the right place to find a professional that may be able to help you.

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Q. Why is your service free?

Offering free service helps agents who seek online exposure and it helps us promote our website. 


Q. Do you offer any other services to help financial professionals like myself other than the free services you listed?

Yes. We are working on providing discounts for services that professionals like you need to succeed.  Initially this will be for online services such as websites, search engine optimization, etc.  However, we continue to look for any service that can help you sell more products and prospect more effectively.

A website is the key online tool for prospecting and promoting your credibility.  Yet, many agents can not afford "$1,000 websites" that the top producers use. Although the products we offer may be limited to a specific number of professionals, we aim to drastically cut the costs for you.

It is said that consumers searching for specific products on the search engines are usually more "pre-qualified and ready to buy" than consumers that have been contacted via cold calls or post cards. Yet, getting listed prominantly on search engines is unaffordable to most people. We want to offer affordable solutions and/or discounts to help you achieve similar rankings without breaking the bank.  Ongoing search engine optimization can help to supply ongoing leads that may be more qualified for safe money products.

As we grow and acquire more registered members, we look to find reliable lead generation companies who will offer our agents greater discounts.  If you know of any companies that provide quality lead generating, let us know!


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The website quality such as what we offer sells in the "$1,000" range. It is high quality, independent and a powerful marketing tool. 

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The offer is limited to 1 agent per city (2 agents per city, based on our discretion, for city populations above 600,000).

NOTE: The following cities have been reserved and are no longer available for the discounted website or featured listing offer.

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Q. I am a long-term care agent. Can I be listed in your directory?

Absolutely. People that are looking for safer alternatives for their retirement are also in need of protecting their assets.  What do you have to lose by becoming listed in our free directory?


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