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Safer money solutions are available for your retirement.  If you are looking for a safe alternative for your 401k rollover or simply want a safe retirement place for your money that is not affected by index volatility, you have come to the right place to find a professional that may be able to help you.

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It is becoming more difficult to find a safe place for your money whether you are saving for retirement or are currently retired.  Safer Money Solutions is your resource for finding information about keeping your money safe from market loss, hedge against rising inflation or the decrease in the value of the dollar.

Our goal is to help you connect with various professionals that can help you protect your hard earned money.  Nobody should be at risk for losing any retirement funds do to poor economic performance.

  • Learn safe money solutions while earning a reasonable rate of return.  Keep your principal SAFE! 
  • Learn how to keep your estate free of probate and limit taxes when assets are passed to your heirs.
  • Learn how to lower your taxes to provide more income or savings before it's too late. 


401k Rollover Alternatives

You are not the only one worried about where to invest your 401k rollover.  Save alternatives are available and some can keep your principal 100% safe from stock market declines.  Yes, you read that correctly.  You can place your money into a product that allows you to participate in market gains without risking your principal to market declines.  These 401k rollover alternatives offer safety of principal and a reasonable rate of return. 

Many people are utilizing these alternative investment vehicles each year and the success stories are many.  If you want to retire without worrying if you will lose money in the market, contact an advisor today that can easily explain how these 401k alternatives work.

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How much do you really need in your 401k?

Do you know how much you will need in your 401k to retire comfortably?  Many plan administrators or financial planners really do not know how much you will need for retirement.  They simply make their calculations on a best guess scenario based on your current expenditures.  However, when you stop and think about your retirement, there is a great deal of unknowns that you might want to consider when adding money to your 401k.  For instance, what would a decline in the stock market do to your overall retirement plan?  How long would it take for your 401k account to recover from a 10% decline and would you have enough time to recover before retirement?  Certainly adding more to your 401k through the years to account for a future decline would be beneficial to secure your planned retirement. 

However, the fact is that many people who invest in a 401k do not plan for future declines.  They simply add either the minimum allowed or the maximum based on the company match.  In these instances, there is not a saftely net in place in the event of a major stock market decline as they grow nearer to retirment. 

Safe Money Alternative

There is a safe money alternative that is available to many 401k owners that will act as a safety net for their future retirement earnings.  It is called the equity indexed annuity and many investors from California to New York are catching on to the benefits of this amazing product.  "Safe Money" is now the new term that people associate with indexed annuities.  It allows your principal to be 100% safe from any stock market declines while allowing you to earn money based on a stock market index.  It's an amazing concept that you should look into as you near retirement age. 

With any safe money alternatives, there are issues that you must be aware of with regard to some indexed annuities.  Choosing the proper vehicle for you is important and it is highly recommended that you seek a trusted advisor before deciding on a safe money 401k alternative such as the equity indexed annuity.


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